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Schaffhauser Nachrichten originated from the customers' point of view.

Where the service is tangible and measurable. starts where others fail.

  • Low acquisition cost.
  • No horrendous service / support costs.
  • Simple and logical interface.
  • Predefined processes speed up all requests.
  • Internal allocation and editing assignable.
  • Global and customer-friendly APP aimed at connecting its service providers. Sustainability on the smartphone.
  • Working with a familiar application, also benefits service providers. Pan-ready, complete and relevant information saves time and money.
  • Simple and logical interface.

More success thanks to clear processes

A tool for customers and employees to benefit everyone. enables all processes to be set up, handled and scaled in a customer-centric and efficient way

A common data repository between company and customer (Swiss Made and data within Switzerland). Offers, invoices, contracts, plans, image files etc

Direct communication between DL / customers. Easy and archivable chat.

Clear requests / messages / orders from customers through predefined processes.

Processes can be customized.

On customer request, automated synchronization of files with existing programs that have interfaces. Office tools, ERPs, etc.

Built-in calendar for DL. For informative appointments and planning to the customer.

Reduction of unpaid operations.

Inquiries from customers come informative and correct in house.

Active and easy acquisition. Inside and outside the customer base.

Stabilization of cash flow. Direct payment within APP without payment deadline.

Cost minimization office expenses. Printer, paper, postage costs are eliminated.